Hemp Seed Oil – 100% Australian-grown and processed



Fresh Tasmanian hemp seed is cold pressed, filtered then flushed and sealed with nitrogen to ensure excellent EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) are maintained and to provide a longer shelf life.

Unlike some imported hemp oils, there are no additives in our oil, it is just pure oil.

We produce 100% Australian grown and processed, hemp seed oil.

We take great pride in our product and can guarantee that it is genuine 100% Australian-grown and processed. We have always been very proactive in ensuring that we can provide a food-grade product.

Every batch of oil we produce is profiled by an independent facility for EFA’s (essential fatty acids), FFA (free-fatty acids) and peroxide value.

All these quality assurance methods and the fact that we have a full audit trail, right back to the farmer and the field that the seed was grown on, means we are serious about the quality of our product.

Our oil is cold pressed and nitrogen flushed to ensure freshness.


No…our oil is not “Australian certified organic” but it is guaranteed to be Tasmanian grown seed and processed in Australia to achieve a premium product at the same price (or close to) imported seed products.

“Australian certified organic” and “Australian made” do not mean “Product of Australia”. They all have very different meaning.


Ask the question…..”is it Australian grown?”. Ours is. Then ask for a profile for the batch of oil you are considering buying – not just a typical analysis.

In particular consider the peroxide value of the oil, as this will determine if it is food-grade or cosmetic grade. 


We proudly provide excellent quality Tasmanian-grown hemp produce.


We are wholesalers only but if you would like to know where our fantastic oil is around Australia please email us and we can put you in touch with a retailer/stockist nearest you.


Hemp Seed Oil – 20 Litre drums and now 500ml tins are available (minimum quantity purchase)




Storage Tips:

Light and oxygen are natural enemies of unsaturated fatty acids, so keep your oil in the dark and cool, preferably in the refrigerator.

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  • barb:

    I have been drinking hempseed oil for about 5 years, I am so impressed by it and tell just about everyone I come across about it and the benefits. this product should be broad casted everywhere from the rooftops for the health benefits it has. Why is this product not taken to our leaders (and where are the Greens) and help Australia become self sufficient – this invaluable plant should be used in our everyday living. why are there still forests being cut down for our daily newspapers etc. why is this not the answer to our climate change – just this one plant could make so much of an impact – I cannot understand why it is such a secret and kept in the dark – let Dick Smith have an education about it and I’m sure he would run with it. I would also like to invest in this company so any information could you please contact me. kind regards barb

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