Garden Mulch

Made from hemp grown and processed in Tasmania, this eco-friendly mulch will provide a “carpet” for your soil. Just watch the earthworms find a new home beneath this easily spread mulch.

  • Retains soil moisture
  • Prevents soil loss from wind and rain
  • Reduces extremes of heat or cold to encourage consistent growth and protect young plants
  • Reduce the success of weeks, reducing time and cost of weeding
  • Encourages earth worms and beneficial soil fauna
  • Free of chemicals during growth and manufacture
  • Seed and weed free
  • Discourages slugs and snails due to its “terrain”
  • pH neutral
  • Having two distinct fibre-types, it binds together forming a mat that has superior weed suppressing characteristics


Mulch will be compressed and approx 135 litres of hemp mulch goes into each bag.

Great surface application for:-

  • Fruit Trees and vines
  • General home use – potplants, vegetable gardens
  • Great for strawberries
  • Containers – large shrubs
  • Erosion and weed control

Directions For Use

  • It’s always best to remove as many weeds as possible
  • Water the area first
  • Break up any soil crust
  • Spread out the mulch – 40mm deep is generally enough but for extreme weeds apply up to 100mm
  • Water thoroughly. This will assist the hemp mulch to mat and do a fantasic job

Happy gardening knowing you are supporting farmers and the development of the industry, plus getting a superior product!


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