Well it is now March 2017 and FSANZ has once again approved the use of hemp seed in food.

There are a few restrictions, ones that don’t really need to there, but as we have been involved with growing industrial hemp here in Tasmania since 1999 their requirements are achievable. These restrictions have not been enforced on overseas producers.

Just like all the other years, it is the the Ministerial Forum who have the final say. The Forum will meet in late April 2017.

We are quietly confident that all potential issues they can come up with have now been addressed, lets face it, it’s been 18 years since the first application.


Should the Ministers approve the application, the commencement date will be 6 months after the date of gazettal.

So, please stay tuned.


FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) have assessed the latest application to allow hemp food and have approved it for food. However, Government Ministers are yet to give final approval. The initial application was initially approved by the then named ANZFA (Australia and New Zealand Food Authority) back in 2000 – but alas, Government Ministers at the time would not allow the approval stating that to allow hemp foods would be condoning the use of drugs and would send a mixed message.

Australia is the ONLY WESTERN COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHERE THIS HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS FOOD is still banned. Even the USA—where hemp cultivation is still against the law (things are changing though)–allows consumers the numerous benefits of hemp.

This is an on-going process where delays in making a decision by the Government are constantly occurring.

Please lobby your local Ministers and MP’s to ensure they are aware of the benefits of hemp food products. Not just the benefits for the consumer but for our farmers and the legitimate Australian-grown and Product of Australia industry.

Press release from Tasmania 29/1/2015

http://www.premier.tas.gov.au/releases/unlocking_the_potential_of_industrial_hemp  Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Primary Industries and Water today announced reforms for Tasmanian farmers in the hemp industry.  We look forward to seeing the licencing procedures streamlined and we sincerely hope that the effort that this Minister has put forward comes to fruition.

Hemp Australia is working with the Industrial Hemp Association of Tasmania (IHAT) and the Tasmanian government to assist in the formulation of new legislation which we hope will see more opportunity for Tasmania farmers and the hemp industry.

July 2015 is the next scheduled meeting of the food forum. Hemp food laws are still being investigated.


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